What is Expohub?

Expohub is an innovative solution for organisers of exhibitions and large events. It uses the latest in internet technology to provide organisers with a tool to organise their events and exhibitions in an efficient way. Want to find out how? Visit the relevant ‘Benefits’ page to learn more, or download our brochure.


As an events organiser, you are the window for exhibitors’ questions, orders, etc. The organiser allocates the orders and information to her suppliers. As the exhibition gets closer, exhibitors have more questions or place last-minute orders. The manager also needs to make sure that exhibitors have provided required information, and forward this information to the relevant supplier. Especially for larger events, this process is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. The complexity of this process increases greatly when the exhibition grows, or when multiple exhibitions are being organized and managed at the same time.


Expohub is aimed at automating the information flow in a way that allows organisers to keep tabs on their exhibitors and suppliers, signalling possible problems or chances to improve the profitability of the exhibition, and to be able to spend less time doing so. Expohub automatically allocates orders and any required information provided by exhibitors, which makes the organiser’s task much easier; in fact, work becomes so easy, the organiser will be able to spend time on activities that make the exhibition better: increase the number of exhibitors, upselling, creating an attractive program, etcetera.


Expohub is developed by Sapra Consulting, a company led by Karen Sijbrandij. As an events organiser, she noticed that a lot of time was spent on making sure that the exhibitor actually received the products and services they had ordered. Research for a solution did not supply her with a suitable solution, so she decided to develop Expohub.

Why Expohub?

Expohub offers you many things, but the main advantage of Expohub is, that it provides you with a way to increase the profitability of your events . It does so by (partly) automating administrative processes, by giving you an overview of your exhibitors’ (non)-activity, etc.
For a more detailed overview, please visit the relevant ‘Benefits’ page.

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